XL Axiata Expands Use of Laut Nusantara Application to Fishermen

PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) continues to expand the Laut Nusantara application to fishing communities in various parts of Indonesian waters.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of XL Axiata, Marwan O Baasir, said the Laut Nusantara application, which has been introduced in 2018, has been actively utilized by no less than 52 thousand traditional and small fishermen in various regions and socialized in 28 regions in Indonesia.

"With accurate and real-time information data sourced from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Research and Observation Center (BROL), the application has proven to be able to increase the productivity of fishermen users," he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Monday (29/3).

The Laut Nusantara application is the result of a solid collaboration between XL Axiata and BROL. Both parties have great motivation to find solutions so that the quality of life of the Indonesian fishing community can improve. If it is easier for fishermen to catch fish, their productivity will increase.

The Head of the BRSDM Marine Research Center, I Nyoman Radiarta, revealed that this application is intended to drive the transformation of fishermen's culture from "fishing" to "catching fish" through information technology.

With just one touch of the application, fishermen can plan their fishing activities better, start independently determining the closest fishing location, estimate fuel needs, and estimate the selling price while still considering weather and wave conditions when working at sea.

"This combines satellite data. We integrate all observation and modeling data so that it is real-time every day we update the data. Apart from this, we also try to combine it with various conveniences, "he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Sakti Wahyu Trenggono added that digital technology offers us the opportunity to find solutions to various community problems, including fishermen.

"I appreciate the innovation from BROL and its partners who have provided solutions that can make fishermen improve their welfare through the Laut Nusantara application," he said.

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