Business Activity Increases in 1st Quarter 2022

Jakarta - The results of the Business Activity Survey indicate an increase in business activity in the first quarter of 2022.

"This is reflected in the value of the Weighted Net Balance (WNB) of 8.71 percent, higher than the WNB in ​​the fourth quarter of 2021 at 7.10%," said BI Executive Director Erwin Haryono on Monday (4/18).

According to him, an improvement in business performance is indicated, particularly in the Agriculture, plantation, livestock, forestry, and fisheries sectors, particularly the food crops sub-sector, in line with the historical pattern of harvest seasons, and the manufacturing industry sector, along with increased industrial activity and mobility.

In line with the development of business activities, used production capacity in the first quarter of 2022 was recorded at 73.08%, an increase from 72.60% in the previous quarter. The use of labor is indicated to improve even though it is still in the contraction phase.

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