Shohei Ohtani's "Oi Ocha" Giant Outdoor Advertisement Going on Display at More Than 85 Locations around World

ITO EN, Ltd.

Tokyo, (ANTARA /Kyodo JBN)-

- Starting with Iwate, Ohtani’s Home Area, Ads to Be Shown at Times Square in New York, Hollywood, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei; Ohtani’s Statement on Becoming "Oi Ocha Global Ambassador" Released in Ads -


ITO EN, Ltd., the Tokyo-based maker of the world's No. 1 unsweetened green tea beverage brand "Oi Ocha" (*), is pleased to announce its outdoor advertisement placements featuring Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers player, at more than 85 locations in Japan and abroad. Starting with an advertisement at Morioka Station in Iwate Prefecture, Ohtani's home area, on May 31, the ads will appear at 82 locations (**) in Japan and six locations worldwide. With Ohtani appointed as the "Oi Ocha Global Ambassador" and following his appearance in 60 newspapers worldwide, ITO EN will continue promoting green tea’s appeal domestically and internationally.


Outdoor ad placement images:


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Ad placement outline:


- Visuals of "Oi Ocha Global Ambassador" Shohei Ohtani to be unveiled at more than 85 locations around the world

The giant outdoor advertisements are designed to attract many viewers and convey to the world ITO EN and Ohtani's shared desire to "spread Japan's fascinating green tea culture to the world."


The ad will go on display in Japan starting from Iwate Prefecture, Ohtani's home, on May 31. It will be displayed at a total of 82 locations (**) in 12 prefectures, including Sapporo, Morioka, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, as well as the JR Shibuya Station area in the Japanese capital, and at six locations worldwide -- in the U.S., South Korea, and Taiwan. The ads will be displayed at Times Square from June 8 to 10 (local time), when Ohtani visits New York for the Yankees-Dodgers series.


6 spots worldwide: (NY, LA, Seoul, and Taipei)


- Giant bottles containing "haiku" (short Japanese poem) at Shibuya and Nagoya stations

Oi Ocha bottle designs with a message commemorating Ohtani's appointment as ITO EN’s Oi Ocha Global Ambassador, which caused a sensation when the global partnership was announced, and "Ohtani's new haiku," which became a buzz because of the ads, will appear on columns in the Shibuya and Nagoya stations. The pillars, which will look like giant "Oi Ocha" bottles, are a must-see.


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(*) Guinness World Records (TM) Certified

Intage SRI+ Unsweetened Tea Beverage Market Data January-December 2023 "Oi Ocha" Brand Sales Value

Record name: "Largest unsweetened green tea beverage brand (latest annual sales)"

Official English record name: Largest unsweetened green tea RTD brand - retail, current

Recorded brand: Oi Ocha brand (excluding Oi Ocha hojicha products)

Year covered: January-December 2023


(**) The information on the domestic placements is current as of May 29 and is subject to alterations at any time.



Source: ITO EN, Ltd.



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