Latest Therapeutic Choice for Multiple Myeloma Patients

"I Feel I Made a Very Wise Decision"

Nanjing and Shanghai, China and San Jose, Calif., (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- An international symposium on CAR-T therapy for hematologic malignancies was held at the Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai, China. The symposium gathered tumor experts and industry leaders from Mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, and other countries and regions.

CAR-T therapy, as a groundbreaking cell immunotherapy technology, has achieved significant success in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. Emily Whitehead, the world's first child cured with CAR-T cell therapy, has been cancer-free for 12 years and has embarked on a new journey, enjoying her colorful college life.

At the conference, a patient from Russia, Borzenkov, shared his experience of receiving CAR-T therapy at Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai. Borzenkov, nearly 70 years old, suffered from high-risk multiple myeloma. After multiple lines of treatment and two autologous stem cell transplantations, his myeloma still relapsed. He learned that the world's first fully human BCMA-targeting CAR-T product, FUCASO® (Equecabtagene Autoleucel), is available at international hospitals in China to treat foreign patients. After an online remote consultation that confirmed his eligibility for CAR-T therapy, Borzenkov came to Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai through international medical referral services. He completed the collection of T cells and the infusion of FUCASO®, and the entire treatment process was smooth and stable. Thirteen days after the infusion, Borzenkov was discharged from the hospital and returned to Russia.  The entire process was seamless. In the recent follow-up, imaging examinations showed that he had achieved complete remission (CR). "I feel like I made a very right decision," said Borzenkov.

Currently, IASO Bio, the developer and manufacturer of FUCASO®, has established strategic partnerships with multiple international hospitals in China. Many multiple myeloma patients from different countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, etc. have traveled to China and received FUCASO ®CAR-T treatment through international hospitals and successfully discharged. Patients outside of China can also access convenient international medical referrals by visiting, where you can get end-to-end support for the CAR-T treatments in high-standard international hospitals in China.


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