IDX Warns TRAM, SMRU of Potential Shares Delisting

Jakarta - The Indonesia Stock Exchange has warned of the potential delisting of shares of PT Trada Alam Mineral Tbk (TRAM) and PT SMR Utama Tbk (SMRU).

This potential delisting follows Provision III.3.1.2 Listed Company Shares, which have only traded in the negotiated market for at least the last 24 months due to suspension in the regular and cash markets.

Meanwhile, the suspension period for SMRU and TRAM reached 36 months on January 23, 2023.

SMRU shareholders are PT Trada Alam Minera Tbk at 52.30%, PT Asabri at 8.11%, and the public at 39.59%.

TRAM shareholders are the Attorney General's Office at 48.89% and the public at 51.11%.

"The Exchange asks the public to pay attention and scrutinize all forms of information submitted by the company," said the Head of Corporate Assessment Division 2 IDX Vera Florida in an information disclosure on Monday (1/30).

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