Aetina Showcases Next-Gen Edge AI Solutions at COMPUTEX 2024

Taipei, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Aetina, a leading edge AI solutions provider, is showcasing its innovative solutions at COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan. With over a decade of industry experience, Aetina offers a comprehensive product lineup, including the compact and high-performance DeviceEdge series powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin system-on-modules, the versatile MegaEdge edge AI inference/training platform, the enterprise-ready AI platform powered by NVIDIA IGX, and its first enterprise-grade short-depth edge server, SuperEdge, based on the NVIDIA MGX modular architecture, enabling global enterprises to explore their intelligent edge of business.

Aetina to Empower Smart Cities with Generative AI

In the smart city scenarios, Aetina will showcase how edge AI drives advancements in smart city infrastructure using generative AI technology, particularly focusing on road and public facility management. Aetina's DeviceEdge series, featuring NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules, offers unparalleled AI compute, large unified memory, and comprehensive software stacks, delivering superior energy efficiency to drive the latest generative AI applications. For example, it could offer real-time status detection of traffic control equipment such as traffic signs, signals, or hydrants, ultimately enhancing city management efficiency. Leveraging generative AI at the edge provides effortless video searches, event summarization, and real-time asset tracking in smart cities, elevating enterprises' AI applications to the next level.

Empowering Smart Manufacturing with Integrated Hardware and Software

In the era of smart manufacturing, production line management faces greater challenges in efficiency and accuracy. For instance, in automotive manufacturing plants, traditional manual sorting of screws and nuts is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone, hindering lean manufacturing requirements. To address this, Aetina has collaborated with Solomon to demonstrate an intelligent sorting solution that integrates Aetina's powerful edge AI inference platforms, the AIP-KQ67(NVIDIA certified system with NVIDIA A2 GPU) and AIE-KX13 (Jetson AGX Orin system), with Solomon's 3D META-aivi technology. It enables production line managers to swiftly and accurately classify a wide range of screws and nuts, significantly enhancing production line efficiency and precision.

Professional AI Workstation Enhances Security Monitoring in Large Venues

The labor shortage trend is impacting security monitoring in large commercial spaces like exhibition halls and department stores, creating a critical need for intelligent solutions. Aetina's top-tier AI workstation AIP-FR68, along with Axelera AI's high-performance PCIe accelerators, powered by its Metis AI Processing Unit (AIPU), organizations can manage up to 24 live or pre-recorded video streams. This enables swift and efficient crowd and traffic management and significantly enhancing the operational effectiveness of security and control in large venues.

Aetina will showcase its complete range of edge AI solutions, including Visual AI Agent live demos, alongside its AI ecosystem partners at COMPUTEX 2024. Visit Aetina's booth, J0110, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center to explore innovative solutions that can accelerate businesses to the edge. For more information, please visit:

Source: Aetina Corporation

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